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Pleasantly Corrupted

Right out of college at the top of my class, my medical school ambitions are dashed so I turn my focus to teaching. 

I met him at my interview. 


There was an immediate feeling… connection of some sort that I could not reconcile.  Something I had never felt before. He was clearly out of my grasp so I ignored my feelings and focused on my new job. Over time, what seemed impossible became possible. I held my feelings inside, but every time we interacted, I could feel it. It was undeniable. What I didn’t know was that he felt it too. 


A friendship slowly developed into a relationship.  A bond that I thought was not possible.  I was overjoyed and terrified at what I was feeling.  Then a personal tragedy occurred while Jason was away leaving me to grieve alone.   Before I had the chance to grieve Jason is listed as MIA from a recovery mission.  That’s when my nightmare really began. 


This adult romance is based on a true story of love, loss, and faith. 


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Pleasantly Corrupted is a slow burn story that frustrated me quite a bit, and I'm not saying that it's the author's fault because it's not as I'm an impatient girl LOL! It takes place over quite a bit of time, as Mary is starting her first job in a new place so she's on her own without knowing anyone. She becomes friends with Jason, but the sparks were flying despite the fact that they couldn't be together at that point. As they move into new waters though, there are a lot of obstacles in their path, and I was ready to pull my hair out since it was too much. I guess I was snapping since it was based on a true story so it just hit differently to be honest as all my emotions were out to run amok. Mary ends up worse off than she started, but can love overcome it all?! You know what to do to find out as I HIGHLY RECOMMEND!


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About Alex

I am a first-time author.  I was a former engineer and currently work in education.  I have spent my last twenty-eight years in secondary education and currently, I am the dean of students at a high performing high school

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