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Alex Rizzo



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Pleasantly Corrupted

A recent college graduate, I’ve led a sheltered life. My first job is in a new town where I am on my own.  I know the second we meet there is a spark between us, but he is out of my reach, in a position that will never allow for a romance.

Over time what was once unthinkable is now a possibility. Will outside influences prevail?

Our spark grew into a flame and then... a series of events leaves me emotionally crushed and alone.


Will our love endure?


“Pleasantly Corrupted” is an adult romance, full of heartbreak and love. Based on a true story, more than twenty-five years in the making.


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About Alex

I am a first-time author.  I was a former engineer and currently work in education.  I have spent my last twenty-eight years in secondary education and currently, I am the dean of students at a high performing high school

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